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The project "KS business_Labor of love" was founded by Anton Tkachenko in 2018.

How often do we think about what happiness is? What exactly is it? Not that we impose from TV screens, radio or the Internet. Not that fashionable or prestigious. Not endless "rat race" in pursuit of a place under the sun or bags of money. The ubiquitous idea of consumption, which directs people on the wrong path and entails lost opportunities and as a consequence ruined destinies. As a result, behind all this tinsel, we forget that happiness is primarily a realization, it is an opportunity to do what you love.

Knowing about the existence of such a problem, businessman and public figure Anton Tkachenko creates a new video project "Labor of love ". Every broadcast is a story of a man who went against the tide, but at the call of his heart. The project is about people who found the strength to be themselves.

The program encourages you to think about who you really want to be, to think about your own peace of mind. It is only a favorite thing can help to feel useful to society. The work made with love, will always find a response and will cause gratitude of people, so, financial return will not keep itself waiting.



"KS Business" invites like-minded people to talk about their favorite business, successes and obstacles, their feelings on the way of self-realization and achievement of goals.


Call: +380678561000


Videoproekt «KS Business Hobby»


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