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Anton Vladimirovich Tkachenko decided to publish children's books, that would teach kids, motivate and develop imagination in March 2018.

The task isn`t so easy. There are many publishers and thousands of books, but are they all good? Many books don`t carry any meaning, not only don`t teach children anything, but can also give the wrong motivation to action. Often there are questions to the illustrations.


It was decided to change the situation and create useful books for children that will bring up, encourage, educate. For half a year, authors and illustrators were selected, so that the texts and drawings were to the kids. It is very important for children to understand what the fairy tale is about, to see an example of the description before their eyes.


Work began to boil in September 2018, and soon the first parts of tale books about the Universe and the study of the seas were released. Fairy tales are written in simple and accessible languages. At the same time they unobtrusively teach not only astronomy and geography, but also rules of behavior.


KS Books is trying to instill in children a love of books. After all, reading useful tales, children understand that everyone is able to become better and change the world around them.

Kozhen Spromozhen. Education


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