Elina Svitolina: «I will be recognized Abroad much more than in Ukraine»

Elina Svitolina: «I will be recognized Abroad much more than in Ukraine»

The cheerful, hardworking and purposeful inhabitant of Odessa Elina Svitolina wins the second year in a row prestigious tournament of the WTA Premier 5 series in Rome. The girl defeated the first racket of the world Romanian Simone Halep with a score of 6: 0 and 6: 4.

23-year-old athlete loved tennis as a child, when she was only 4 years old. The first coach of the girl was brother Julian. Parents of the tennis player as athletes who always believed in its success and a victory. Today, the goal of Elina-to become the first racket of the world and looking at this girl, you know that she will reach it! Despite all the difficulties, she works on herself, develops and moves forward.

- Abroad me learn much more, than in Ukraine. But now tennis is more popular in Ukraine than when I started, – says Elina Svitolina.


The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina

Today, the athlete has 12 awards of international tournaments of the highest class. And this despite the fact that to succeed in this sport is much more difficult than in any other, especially when you consider that the help of the state can not be expected. Hope one-parents or sponsors. The girl is a top athlete and she is constantly invited to represent other countries in tournaments. However, the sportswoman always remains loyal to Ukraine, refusing over and above advantageous offers.

– We need to train every day, every day we give 100% in training, in tournaments, in every match. In Ukraine it is very heavy, it is necessary to work 3-4 times more that you were seen to attract any sponsors,-the first racket of Ukraine explains.

The girl should always be in great shape, so special attention is paid to her regime and hydro balance. After all, constant moving and tournaments in the heat, which sometimes reach 3-4 hours, require great endurance.


Alas, in Ukraine, not only tennis is poorly supported, but also sports in General, it once again demonstrated the weak results of the summer Olympics in 2016. Judging by the Olympic games, the leaders in sports are the USA, great Britain and China. So in the US, no “top” does not lower the team on the development of sports, because decentralization is not in words, but in fact there are more than 200 years. Here, love for sport is brought up since childhood in schools and universities, thanks to local communities and patrons. In the UK, special attention is paid to mass sports and there is both sponsorship and state support.

Of course, sport is a continuous battle. Fight with yourself, rivals and difficulties that arise on the way. However, everything can be overcome, if there is a desire and Elina Svitolina proof. Today, the athlete is the fourth racket in the world, and she is glad that she is doing what she always dreamed of. Persistent and inspired girl sweeps away any obstacles on the way to the goal. So everyone is able, inspired by the example of a girl, to make every effort for continuous growth to achieve the desired result.

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