Educational action from “all-Ukrainian society “Everyone is able” now and in the Dnipropetrovsk region!

Educational action from “all-Ukrainian society “Everyone is able” now and in the Dnipropetrovsk region!

It’s time of information and educational campaign and in the Dnipropetrovsk region. And no weather conditions – in the form of heavy rain and wet snow are unable to become an obstacle. Inspiring music, helpful informative flyers got everyone learn something new and positive emotions.

дождливый павлоград коллаж_1

Of course, dotted with pits of the road, as always left much to be desired. The cars resembled the movement of the “snake” on the Islands still lay asphalt…


In spite of that, the protesters got to the destination, where they expect a genuine interest fellow citizens. Here the team “Everyone is capable of” sharing ideas and goals of the organization, inviting together to gain new knowledge and to conquer new heights!


With the youngest participants in Novomoskovsk

By tradition, the activists of the organization could not pass up a wonderful children’s playgrounds, which offers residents personally. This time the lead is a wonderful wood to the town, located on the Boulevard Wasilewski, in Kryvyi Rih.


Here are the trains and the rocker made for kids citizens. And, as if to look narrowly, all made from scrap materials – the cost is minimal. So everyone is able to work together, adding their imagination, and children’s joy is not the limit!


- Reading the information leaflets, visiting your site, get a new vision, ” says Irina from Krivoy Rog, who shared his impressions of the action.- As the culture, healthy lifestyle and self – values at all times!


Ukraine is a country of contrasts

 Населенные пункты_1

So fruitful and interesting time participants public organization “Everyone is able”. Join us and You! Together we will change lives for the better!

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