During the year, the purchasing power of Ukrainians decreased by 30%!

During the year, the purchasing power of Ukrainians decreased by 30%!

The minimum wage and pension are growing, and the purchasing power of Ukrainians is falling. Why is this happening? There are a number of reasons for this. Starting from tariffs for communal services and ending with inflation and rising prices, but everything in a row.

During the year, the purchasing power of Ukrainians fell by 30%! The head Of the Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko posted on his page in the social. networks research where the welfare of Ukrainians is measured in the national product-fat.

So, in March last year, the Ukrainian average salary could buy 168 kg of fat, and in the spring of 2018 only 117 kg and this is given the fact that the minimum wage rose, and in the Wake of it and the average salary, which increased by 24% from 6752 UAH. up to 8352 UAH!


Most of the fat from the average wage in the region can afford to Volyn-145 kg and in the Zaporozhye region-137 kg.

The food basket of Ukrainians is empty, but the subsistence minimum is in no hurry to rise. At the same time, the consumer basket, on the basis of which the government determines the subsistence minimum, absolutely does not correspond to reality. To somehow live and eat it should be at least twice as high, but everything remains the same. Maybe because the changes are not beneficial to the state machine?

The lion’s share of the income of Ukrainians is eaten up by the communal, which some citizens spend up to 70% of their total earnings! It is not surprising that the debts on utility bills are constantly growing, it is not rare for citizens to have to choose between these costs and spending on food.

Inflation and rising prices directly affect the welfare of citizens! It is interesting that, according to some experts, the last role in inflation was played by the increase of the minimum wage.

Doroshenko (3)

- In Ukraine, the latest increase in the minimum wage has led to an increase in inflation. This is not the only reason for inflation in Ukraine, but it also affected the fact that the purchasing power of people with small incomes for the year fell. I want to emphasize that people with different incomes feel inflation differently, because there are those who spend 60% of the family budget on products, and some 10%, – explains Alexey Doroshenko.

At the Ukrainian center for economic and political research. A. Razumkova noted that Ukrainians still can not accumulate funds, besides the conditions in banks on deposits change for the worse.

- As before, households are actually left out of access to additional saved resources – both the volume of deposits of the population and the volume of loans provided to households through the banking system, has decreased since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the cost of such resources has increased – if credit rates (weighted average rate on new loans to households) increased to 30.3%, the Deposit rate (weighted average on new deposits) decreased to 7.0%, – the Center informs. Rozumkova

Another factor in reducing the purchasing power of Ukrainians is the low level of wages in Ukraine as a whole. Of course, the state of small and medium-sized businesses is of great importance here, the burden on which is constantly growing, and it is this segment that gives many jobs and leads to the prosperity of the state.


So, sometimes seemingly positive changes, in fact, lead to negative consequences. As in the case of the minimum wage, the growth of which at the same time beats the business and ordinary Ukrainians. Everyone is able to stay up to date, digging to the truth, because even the obvious at first glance things, with a more detailed examination, open from the other side!

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