Delay in pensions: who is to blame and what to do?

Delay in pensions: who is to blame and what to do?

While MPs receive vacation pay on millions of hryvnia, the Ukrainian pensioners left without pensions! Payments were detained to citizens, transfer of pensions to which, occurs through “Ukrposhta”. At the same time neither the Pension Fund of Ukraine nor the Ministry of social policy have commented on what is happening until recently. Until the degree of public opinion rose and official sources finally spoke.

Since last week, after standing in line at the post office for pensions, elderly people were left with nothing.

- “Ukrposhta” works as usual. As of today, there are temporary technical delays in financing the Pension Fund of Ukraine pension payments, – the press service of “Ukrpochta”.

According to ” Ukrposhta, delays affected those who receive a pension from 18 to 25 July.


– Ukrposhta operates in a normal mode. The payment for the period from 4 to 21 July was made in full. Today, the Pension Fund received funding until July 25. From 26 to 28 July, the rest of the pension funds will be paid, later updated the information on the website of “Ukrposhta”.

It is difficult to imagine that in some European country there was similar. Alas, in Ukraine it is a reality and the most vulnerable segments of the population – pensioners, were hit. And how will explain the situation in the Pension Fund?

– The shift in the schedule of financing of payments is due to cash gaps in the receipt of a single social contribution. Since the beginning of the month, 27.1 billion UAH have been allocated for pensions., including 2.3 billion UAH. during July 25. Payment of pensions in the current month will be provided with financial resources in full – reported PFCs.

The cash gap is a delay in the receipt of funds to the budget, but not a budget deficit. Of course, there is a question here, how and why was this situation allowed when pensioners throughout Ukraine were left without timely payment and who will be responsible for it?

– Initiate an internal investigation in relation to the actions of the head of the PFCs, and the actions of leaders in the regions. It is necessary to understand the situation in order to prevent its recurrence. Central budget debt to PFCs has not. Ukrainian pensioners have earned respect and protection – said in the social.networks, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman

To the global cause of what is happening can be attributed inflated revenues, including minimum, in the Wake of them and exorbitant taxes that do not allow small and medium-sized businesses to come out of the shadows and replenish the Treasury.


However, there is another reason, which lies in the fact that for six months the PFU has collected the necessary funds for 89 billion, while it is required for 15 billion more.  Scatter if the government of these assumptions or confirm? To wait idly, or is it the Ukrainians, too, should actively respond to these events? The answer is obvious.

In fact, the delay in pension payments is too alarming a bell to ignore it! Public control is more important here than ever. Everyone is able not to stay away from what is happening, not expecting that the situation will resolve itself. Only joint actions of the society, not indifference and defense of their rights will change the situation for the better!

Julia Gutshabes

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