Combating Internet addiction in children

Combating Internet addiction in children

All possible gadgets has a long and firmly settled in every man’s life. Today we already can’t imagine my life without the internet and news feeds on Facebook. Technological progress is wholly absorbs us, someone’s grouchy, not having time for speed changes. Others fully enjoy the fruits of innovation.

According to the state Statistics by 1 July 2017 was 17.7 million Internet users (UNN). In the social survey revealed that 72.3 percent of young Ukrainians have no idea how you can live without the global web. Whereas 25.9 per cent believe that life without Internet is and they could easily have done without the network. Thus, 80.2% of Ukrainian young people think you can’t live without their smartphone and only 18.5% of respondents say that the lack of a phone will not affect them (according to poll of Institute of Gorshenin).

But what about the younger generation? How the children recognized all the delights of the world wide web, virtual reality and online games? Let’s find out. Of course, it is impossible to underestimate the benefit of the Internet as an endless source of information. But any medicine can turn into poison. So according to world statistics, 10% of all users of the network are Internet-dependent. Thus, Ukraine may suffer this addiction about a million people.

Worldwide, Internet addiction has long been put in one rank with drug addiction and alcoholism. In China struggling with the problem with the help of special prison camps, where they treat compulsive gambling and Internet addiction. In Europe there are special centers. While in Ukraine, not even all psychologists know about the existence of this problem.

To cure such people can only be psychotherapy. One missing a few sessions, and another 50 hours will not be enough. In my practice there were cases when we treat a patient for more than 90 hours, but this is not the limit. For me, as a doctor, most importantly, that people understand that treatment is required, says the head of the Center of practical psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry Eugene Voronkov (source

Internet addiction in children is becoming more common. By the way, the addiction can cause problems in family relationships, communication with peers, with learning and much more. So how to recognize Internet addiction in a child?

Signs of Internet addiction in adolescent

• If your child spends more and more time online (more than 6 hours per week).

• Preference for virtual communication than real. Doesn’t want to go to school, not walking on the street.

• There are violations of sleep, appetite and General daily routine.

• Mood changes constantly, aggressively responds to requests to shut down the computer.

• If categorically says what on the internet.

It is therefore important to understand what your child is involved in the network, because it is better to prevent illness than to treat it. In order for the teenager abusing the virtual space you need to set the rules of stay in it.

Rules for use of the internet for teenagers

1. Courtesy. Need everywhere be polite conversationalist network and this is no exception.

2. Intellectual property. Copying without reference to the author is prohibited. We must respect copyright.

3. Personal information. In any case, you can’t distribute information about your family, about financial income and territorial location. This topic is taboo!

4. Communicating with strangers. You need to explain to your child that on the Internet everyone can to give yourself over anyone. In any case, not to meet strangers from the web, even if it’s a child, and you’ve been in touch.

5. Paid services for free. Before you can send SMS to any portals, it is necessary to consult with parents. Because their cost can be huge. Additionally, not all services on the Internet free, so you can’t download pirate books, movies, music. It is better to use proven licensed content.

6. Parents will always help. Explain to your child that the Internet is a convenient tool in modern life and if something is not clear, parents will always help and will be able to explain.

Of course, an indispensable tool in the fight against inappropriate content for a child is a lot of software for parental control. It not only will help to find out what sites and forums serfingom a teenager, and still be able to limit time spent on the web.

As if there was not, and the best prevention of any dependencies remain Hobbies and various activities in real life when there is simply no time to sit on the network. And of course an example of your own parents. So you do not have to take more drastic measures for getting rid of harmful habits.

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