Cherkasy: schoolchildren on the line lose consciousness!

Cherkasy: schoolchildren on the line lose consciousness!

May 8 in Cherkassy there was a mass poisoning of children. Schoolchildren of grades 2-9 directly on the line began to lose consciousness. First, three children were hospitalized, then 42, eventually the number of victims increased to 53 pupils and two teachers. The causes of poisoning are clarified, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman and the acting Prime Minister arrived to the scene. Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun.

Subsequently, according to rescuers, the children were hospitalized with complaints of nausea, headache and dizziness.

- The method of determining the cause of the disease will become health of the pupils of the chemico-radiological laboratory. The DSNS in the teritory schools is held for the sake of the non-commercial chemistry peasants. Перевищень вмісту хімічних речовин понад рубечнодопустимої concentrating is not manifested. The laboratory of Derzhprodzpozhivsluzhbi of the city of Cherkasy has taken the probes for the centralized water supply systems of the school that the butylated food for drinking at the time of the nezpezpechnyh rechovin, “the DSNS stated.
On the fact of the incident a criminal case was opened. However, the official reasons for the poisoning of students are not named.

“If you decide to invest in the river, you should first of all get to know it,” the prime minister stressed in a conversation with reporters.

Well, let’s hope that the real causes of the emergency will be announced, and the perpetrators will be punished. And, most importantly, that this no longer arose. After all, most recently in the school of the Kharkov region there was a poisoning, when 44 students entered the hospital. And at the beginning of the academic year more than 200 pupils were hospitalized in the Kiev gymnasium, as well as poisonings were recorded in the Chernihiv region, Chernivtsi and Volyn.

European countries have long forgotten about the mass poisonings in schools. After all, here the quality of food products of school canteens is monitored very harshly. So in the UK, a separate government structure was established for the School Meal Trust, which is under the control of the general public. Schoolchildren provide a healthy diet that meets high quality standards.

Children’s health is a paramount issue of the state at the level of national security! After all, the young generation is our future. How to achieve a fair resolution of such extraordinary incidents and prevent them from being repeated? Only together, attracting the attention of citizens and leaders of public opinion! Everyone is able not to remain indifferent to what is happening, because strangers do not exist!

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