Bureaucracy or how to send bureaucrats

It is difficult to imagine that in the age of nanotechnology, people were left without electricity. However, this is what happened in Sumy. There is already week two of the village – Beaver and Village remain without electricity. The people asked our office for help.

We have made over 30 calls to various authorities. Starting from the local branch of the “Sumyoblenergo” and ending with the Ministry of energy and coal industry. Never managed to get through the first time at the number listed on the official sites.

Сумиобленерго сайт

- Send a formal request, the only way we will be able to do something , – said the press-Secretary of JSC “Sumyoblenergo”.

The response received from the press service of PJSC “Sumyoblenergo” is an evasion of clean water. In fact, the question – when the lights turn on, no reply provided.

And while we pursue bureaucratic paths, people are not able to either eat normally, because without a refrigerator it is impossible, nor to observe hygiene. For adults, it is difficult in such conditions, what can we say about the children?!

Each service shifts the responsibility at a lower rank, and when we went down this chain, then … they sent us back. The circle is closed.

Even the officials themselves do not believe that the whole village can keep the light.

- I’m sure 99, 9% that this can not be that the village was without light, you confuse something, – said to us in the Ministry of energy.

And that in this occasion we will tell the local authorities?!

Голова райдержадміністрації  Віктор ХимичDuring September 5-6 out of order six transformer substations. First somewhere the week before, was drained of transformer oil, – says Victor Khimich, head of the state Administration Lebedinsky district.

The head was not able to explain who is responsible for this situation. Of course the standard situation for the bureaucrats. About the responsibility they have not heard, there is nothing to hope for. However, the official easily throws the responsibility on the head of the regional branch of the RES.

- Light may not be for another week, maybe two, States Alexander hen, head of the branch RES.

So simple, just one sentence, the citizens put in almost inhuman conditions. So calm and relaxed. Like, our people are used to this and do not.

In addition to phone calls we wrote the application in Prosecutor’s office, upon office negligence concerning officials of PAO “Sumyoblenergo”. Also prepared a complaint, which is registered to a government hot line 1545.

Getting a little sad that no national TV or regional, and has not responded to the existing problem. What is it that the media only show what brings financial benefits? And, where is the fourth estate when you need people?

And this is just an isolated case, which we managed to learn. After all, when we are talking about the village, whose Chairman lives in the city, anybody a finger will not strike. How many of these situations across the country? While in Europe, whether a small village or a huge metropolis, there are human rights above all else.

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