Bill 6688: down with democracy, long live the dictates!

Bill 6688: down with democracy, long live the dictates!

158 people’s deputies, who were called to protect the interests of Ukrainians, their rights and freedoms, voted for the bill, which is very similar not to the development of democracy, but to the dictatorial regime.

On July 5, a list of MPs who voted for the introduction of the bill №6688 on combating national security in the information sphere was published. The project angered the public, because according to the innovation allowed blocking of Internet resources and sites, as well as the removal of information.

The document says that the resources, which information can be used to commit serious and especially serious crimes, are subject to blocking by a court decision. But the most interesting thing is that the internal authorities will be able to block the work of sites for 48 hours without a court decision, but only by the order of the Prosecutor or the investigator.

Such innovations are a direct oppression of freedom of speech and opinion and, accordingly, a violation of the Constitution of Ukraine. Where, then, is the respect for human rights in accordance with the international conventions signed by Ukraine?

What can cause such massive decisions and the repression of the media? First of all, to the possibility to eliminate the “objectionable”, because such laws can help evil-minded law enforcement officers to “close” the information Bureau of investigation and remove their fruits of labor, that is, the disclosure of corruption schemes and exposure of high ranks.

The vague wording of the bill literally unties hands to the power structures that will be able to uncontrollably influence the mass media through providers. Because the operators of Internet networks face liability for failure to follow directions of the guards. The provider’s punishment is provided in the form of a fine of 1% of the company’s income.


– From our point of view, it is also alarming that the draft law provides for the possibility to limit the attempts of the public to influence the decision – making by the public authorities in this area, – said Matthew Schaaf, Director of the Ukrainian branch of Freedom House, a non-governmental organization that conducts research in the field of civil and political freedoms.

Today this bill has not passed, but is it worth to be happy? After all, the creators will try to hold it again and again. In this situation it is important to draw a conclusion about everyone who voted for such an innovation. Should such people stay in the government? The answer is obvious and everyone is able to make their decision, marking it in the elections, because the future of the state is in our hands!

Julia Gutshabes

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