Autogas or gasoline? That is the question! (VIDEO)

The drivers of Ukraine in panic. Liquefied natural gas, which “hooked” a lot of motorists began to rise dramatically in price. Why?! So, it’s all about the deficit, as echoed by our government. For this turn, the country was not ready. Indeed, it was unexpected. As the onset of autumn after a hot summer. So what led to such consequences? Let’s find out!

The cheapness of the propane-butane led to a massive installation by car owners gas belonoha equipment. And here we have formed a whole new market of motor fuel. Since 2008 this market has grown in 2 times. Of the 700 000 t of gas consumed per year to 1.5 million tons The same surprise can be a speech?

Of gasoline and gas, we are completely dependent on imports. We close our own plants, because the government does not want to support them. We have only one refinery in Kremenchug, “Ukrtatnafta”. And, GPZ (gas processing plants) total 10. 4 GPP DK “ukrgazvidobuvannya”, 3 – “Ukrnafta” and 3 independent private manufacturer. Together they satisfy 27% of the total amount of gas consumed. The rest is imported from abroad. 70% of the imported gas from Russia, 24% – of Belarus, 3-4% is imported from other countries, – told the journalists of the newspaper “Everyone is strong” the analyst UPECO Alexander Sirenko.

For many reasons the gas tap from the countries-manufacturers became screwed. Not the last role in this process was played by the capital repairs at the plants of JSC “Mozyr oil refinery” and “Naftan”Belarus NHRIs and Atyrau, Kazakhstan. And grandma said not to store all eggs in one basket. That is, there must be a whole number of countries supplying gas, and not a few with a large percentage of revenues.

Lo! For the first time in the history of Independent Ukraine to the Cabinet of Ministers finally held a meeting on the topic of liquefied natural gas and increasing prices. As they say, while roasted cock does not bite. The Prime Minister solemnly threatened with a finger, saying ay-ay-ay, it is wrong to gather on the subject. All to take urgent measures to 15 September prices fell.

And who limetime necessary measures?! The Antimonopoly Committee was assured that everything is fine and they are not going to do anything.

21557652_219871338545373_47467421424299654_n– We use only then action when there are violations of competitive conditions on the market. Today to talk about the signs of corruption or collusion a little prematurely, – says the correspondent of the newspaper, the Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Valery polyukhovich.

Probably members of the Antimonopoly Committee in an alternate reality? But what I will say in the state regulatory service?

–Any documents from the analysis of the economic situation did not come, and so will do nothing, – said the press-Secretary of the regulatory service Irina.

Oh yeah… Bureaucracy is our everything!

While bureaucrats are surprised and still don’t act, the market traders adjust themselves according to the laws of market economy.

– In September in Ukraine will be delivered batch of gas from Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Romania. The deficit will disappear and the prices should stabilize by the end of the month, encouraging Alexander Sirenko.

Coincidence?It was the middle of September, the Prime Minister demanded lower prices. Drop that and just subauma to happen. Within a few years the interest in new fuels continued to increase. However, only the drivers. The powers that be this question is not interested. Well, except that in the context of improving the “excise tax” and other obstacles. And that’s it.

When the government finally stop blaming yourself imaginary medals on his chest and begin to engage in their duties? For example, will create conditions for the development of infrastructure projects for liquefied natural gas. In Ukraine began to build base for storage of liquefied gas. Because we can’t accumulate the propane butane for hedging, we are all coming from the wheels. And finally will affect the sky-high tariffs of railway transportation, which discourages potential suppliers.


Julia Gutshabash

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