Another rise in the price of communal services for 2018-2019

Another rise in the price of communal services for 2018-2019

In the heating season 2018-2019, new social norms for gas and electricity consumption will be in force. The government considered that last year’s norms are overstated and citizens will have enough and smaller volumes. Well, if not enough, then get out, as they say themselves.

The new rules are prescribed in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 329 of 27 April 2018 and entered into force on 1 may 2018. If in 2017-18 the volume of gas consumption in the heating season was 5 cubic meters per 1 m2 of area, then from now on the figure of 4.5 cubic meters will operate.

Norms for electricity in the past heating season were 51 kW per 1 m2 area, the new tariff grid will be considered at a rate of 30 kW.

– When assigning a subsidy for excess housing area, the norm can be increased by no more than 30%, – the government stressed.


As for the unused subsidized aid, it will be returned back to the budget.

- Everything that is measured by the counter and on what the housing subsidy is provided, in case of non-use of the provided help, by results of a season will come back to the budget of the country. Including, the unused subsidy for gas and the electric power which isn’t used for heating, –it is told in the official message.

Also on the site according to the results of 2016-2017, the state budget returned funds for unused subsidies:

 6.2 billion UAH. – gas supply companies;

 1,1 billion UAH. – heat supply companies;

 650.1 million UAH. – from water supply companies;

 290.7 million UAH. – from the companies-suppliers of electricity.

In Europe, tariffs for communal higher Ukrainian, but everything, as they say, is compared, because the income of citizens there, many times higher. The very notion of subsidies is rare in EU countries, but assistance to the poor in the payment of communal apartments still exist. So in Germany, a special reserve for the poor to pay for housing. And, in Poland, perhaps the only European country, the government pays citizens a housing Supplement.


Meanwhile, in Ukraine, reduced social norms, subsidies are taken away, and what to do ordinary Ukrainian? When the cost of communal services soars to the skies, and the financial situation allows you to barely make ends meet? There are alternative ways of solving the problem, as international experience says. However, there is already an important constant control and public intervention. Everyone can not remain indifferent, because the improvement of the standard of living in the country depends on us!

Julia Gutshabes

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