Anniversary bezveza or lawlessness Ukrainians in Europe?!

Anniversary bezveza or lawlessness Ukrainians in Europe?!

June 11 was a year in Ukraine introduced Bezviz. Of course, this is a great event, thanks to which Ukrainians without any worries and hassle go to Europe. In honor of this event at the Kiev airport, the border guards arranged a flash mob and gave women roses to women flying from Italy.

- We were able to issue more than 20 million citizens of Ukraine, who followed the EU. Of these 20 million, about 5 million of our citizens crossed the border with biometric passports, 550 thousand of them went to Europe without visas. This is a positive step, – said the head of the border control Department of the Department of state border protection of the Administration of the state border service of Ukraine Yuri Lysyuk.

Of course, if you count in percentage terms 5 million – is 25% of people who have recovered to Europe with a biometric passport, 550 thousand of which, and that 2.75% were without. Of course, the figure is not very large and not many can afford such a pleasure as a trip abroad. Not to mention having a Cup of coffee in Krakow or Vienna. But I am glad that this opportunity is still there.

Most often, Ukrainians go to Romania, which is 135 thousand people (24%), Poland – 118 thousand people (22%), Hungary – 67 thousand (12%), and Slovakia – 37 thousand people (7%). The reasons why Ukrainians go to these countries are asking for themselves … to Admire the architecture?


And, we are glad the Europeans Ukrainian bezveze? According to the European Agency for external border security “Frontex”, in 3 months of visa liberalization for Ukraine, passenger traffic increased by 15%. According to the Agency, the number of counterfeit documents identified in the first place are the Moroccans – 803 cases. And the Ukrainians, alas, in second place of this disappointing hit parade with a figure of 801 cases. Next are the Iranians, Albanians, Russians and Turks.

Fraud with documents most of all revealed on the border of Ukraine and Poland – 519 cases. And in the most disappointing rating on the number of deported citizens Ukrainians again lead. 29 257 people were expelled from European States. The number is then Morocco, Pakistan, Iraq, Albania, Tunisia, Russia, etc.

Ukraine is also the leader in non-legal stay in the EU, which is 32 599 cases. The most common reasons for the illegal stay in European countries of Ukrainians were:

- citizens did not have a valid visa or residence permit,

- did not have the appropriate documentation justifying the purpose and conditions of stay,

- did not have sufficient means of livelihood.


The visa-free regime is a positive event, but will not it be overshadowed by all the statistics of illegal actions of Ukrainians in Europe? And will it not provoke, in the end, the abolition of such a long-awaited and hard-won event by Ukraine? After all, in this case, our country is not only deprived of all the benefits of visa-free travel, but also loses its reputation in the eyes of those with whom Ukrainians seek to be equal.

Everyone is able to be aware of events, keeping a hand on the information pulse!

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