And do you remember, due to whom we are alive?! (VIDEO)

And do you remember, due to whom we are alive?! (VIDEO)

“A nation that doesn’t remember its past has no future”

Sir U.S. Churchill

Who is the man without history, traditions and customs of his nation? Who is the man without memory of the exploits and heroism, valor and courage of his ancestors? In the end, who is the man who can’t remember, does not know and does not study the history and culture of his Motherland? – Nobody… A Shadow!

Thanks to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, we are alive and free! Thanks to them, we are free to dispose of our destiny. The days, months, years are passing, but the memory and respect to veterans of the great Patriotic war should not be forgotten!

Donation ofown life for tens of thousands of others. Performing the sacred duty for the Motherland, for the sake of people and for the sake of the family! Hunger and torture, humiliation and pain of loss passed soldiers and civilians, adults and children during the Second World War. The least that everyone is able to do today is to remember, to help and thank veterans, to know our heroes and to grieve for the victims.

Three years, ten months and eighteen days of fierce fighting for the sake of humanity! More than twenty-six million lives were placed on the altar of victory. For each of us could enjoy life, might glorify the honor and dignity of ournation! So, today such terrible words like fascism, and Nazism, will forever remain a milestone history. And human life remained the highest valueforever!


Video about Heroes of the great Patriotic war

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