And, again, the increase in tariffs!?

And, again, the increase in tariffs!?

New electricity and heating tariffs will come into force on August 1, 2018. The national Commission, which carries out state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities (NCREC) approved the resolution on tariffs for the production of thermal energy of kyivteploenergo and the supply of electricity for CHP-5 and CHP-6.

This time the increase affects the people of Kiev, but in the Wake of the capital, the same fate can be expected in all other regions of the country. The decision to set tariffs on electric energy – 182,91 kopecks/KWh tariffs on thermal energy production to the provision of services on centralized heating and centralized hot water supply – 784,58 UAH/Gcal.

Also new prices for production of thermal energy for providing to the religious organizations of services in the centralized heating and centralized supply of hot water – 477,19 UAH/Gcal are provided. On production of thermal energy for providing services in the centralized heating and the centralized supply of hot water to the organizations financed at the expense of the state and local budgets also new prices – 1187,2 UAH/Gcal are entered. While on production of thermal energy for needs of other consumers, i.e. us mere mortals – 1186,56 UAH/Gcal.

The reason for the increase in tariffs is that the new prices will include the cost of energy production, as well as its transportation. In addition,” Kyivenergo ” strongly recommends the citizens to pay off the existing debts before August 1.


- In connection with the refusal of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” to sign a contract with “Kyivteploenergo” because of the unresolved situation with gas debt repayment of existing debts within the next two months is the key to the stability of energy supply in Kiev-explain in Kyivenergo.

As calculated in “Kyivenergo” debt for hot water and heating is 4.8 billion USD. The total debt in Ukraine for these utilities, including Kiev is 13.3 billion UAH. While the total debt on may 1, as reported by the state statistics service, is 33.96 billion UAH. The biggest debts are for gas supply. At the same time, the total debt, according to the state statistics service in may decreased by 12%. Interestingly, while growth rates will not cause a new wave of increasing debt in the communal?!


It’s no secret that Ukraine has one of the lowest utility fees in comparison with the EU countries. However, can we compete and be equal in this matter to our partners? After all, together with the communal, the income of Ukrainians is also one of the lowest. However, to strive for energy efficiency of the European level, the creation of quality services and the welfare of citizens, that’s what the Ukrainian state can learn from Europe today.

Everyone can not remain indifferent to the problems of the country, to be aware of what is happening, because it concerns everyone!

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