Alexander Usyk: “I don’t need any stars! I am a hero to my people!»

Alexander Usyk: “I don’t need any stars! I am a hero to my people!»

– Not absolutely necessary to give me anything because I have nothing to ask. I ask you simply not to interfere with me to go the way God leads me. Not interfere. This is the best support you can do for me. Hero. I don’t need any stars! For my people, for a certain number of people in my country, I am already a hero! I don’t need stars for that, I don’t need some regalia for that, because that’s not it. Because when you go, and people speak: we pray for you, we worry, we kneel and to three hours, how many fight lasted, we were silent, worried and watched TV – here is this recognition, instead of stars which you there distribute to whom got, – the absolute world champion in the first heavy weight Alexander Usyk on a rank of the Hero of Ukraine cut off.

Indeed, the victory of Alexander Usik in combat with Murat by Hashavim has chained to TV screens of enthusiastic spectators not only the CIS countries but all over the world. The athlete demonstrated his strengths to the international community, not only as a Pro, but also as a strong spirit, purposeful and wise person.

Alexander Usyk became the absolute world champion in the first heavy weight (up to 90.7 kg), combining all four belts – WBC, WBO, WBA and IBF. The boxer won the trophy named after Muhammad Ali and the first ever winner of the world Boxing super series tournament. Alexander is the only modern boxer who has won all the prestigious awards!

Symbolic is the fact that your battle athlete shone “fathers”. His own father, who brought him to the sport, his coaches, who helped him to climb the highest pedestal in Boxing and all the people who have contributed to the development of the athlete. The first Boxing coach in the life of Usyk was Sergey Lapin. Front extreme battle athlete was preparing Anatoly Lomachenko.


- We have been together for a long time, I joined their family in amators (Anatoly and Vasily Lomachenko approx. author), throughout my professional career. He the first fight with me and all, all, all duels there, where is obtained, they near. When they’re near, I’m not worried, I’m so glad – says the champion.

Alexander Usyk is quite versatile personality, it is evidenced by the fact that as a child he was engaged in folk dances, judo and football. Alexander came to Boxing in 15 years, having become interested in this sport so much that he disappeared in training for several hours a day.

- At the first training received on full. That hurt me. I had to study twice as much. I came at three and left at seven. The first successes appeared, and I fell in love with this business. Many guys laughed at my “hang-UPS” in the hall. But he who laughs last, – says Alexander Usyk.

Willpower, commitment, talent and determination – all these qualities made the boxer develop and go forward. The first professional fight of Usyk took place in 2013 in which he knocked out the four-time champion of Mexico Felipe Romero. Ahead of the boxer a whole series of fights in which he will win many awards, over and over again, proving his superiority.


Life is a struggle, know how to keep the blow

- Today I want to recover and continue training. I want to return to a hall and to improve, – the champion tells about the further plans after sensational fight.

Alexander Usyk is the brightest example of a person who goes to his goal through difficulties and obstacles. Yes, it is difficult, Yes it is painful, but all those blows of fate which are presented to the athlete, he experiences with advantage, leaving the winner. So everyone is able to do what he likes, not to give in to difficulties and achieve their goals!

Julia Gutshabes

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