Catastrophe or life?! What if tomorrow never comes?!

Catastrophe or life?! What if tomorrow never comes?!

“Nothing depends on me, I am just a slave of circumstances” many people say – without thinking that everyone participates in what is happening! Enough to shift the responsibility! Everyone is able to change everything! The fall of culture and morality, destruction and pollution, all this leads to the inevitable destruction of humanity and the Earth as a whole!

It is known that the planet is waiting for two scenarios – sustainable development or disasters. The first option is possible only in case, if everyone will reconsider its attitude towards the world. If everyone changes its consumer position. Everyone is able to stop destroying his life, our planet, and start to build up. Build your house on a global scale of streets and cities, regions and countries! Otherwise, irreparable misfortune is waiting for everyone, but everyone is able to avoid this scenario.

In this world everything has its end, from the human life and to the resources of the Earth. However, everyone is able to change the future! Everyone is able to believe in themselves and to prevent the catastrophe! Everything depends on our habits, culture and moral values, as corny as it may sound. It turns out that everyone in the response, not only for his life and the lives of their children. Each person is responsible for the life of the whole planet!

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