60% of Ukrainians: the quality of electricity supply does not correspond to the tariffs!

60% of Ukrainians: the quality of electricity supply does not correspond to the tariffs!

Tariffs for utilities are a topical issue for the majority of Ukrainians, especially given the fact that prices are changing, and the conditions for obtaining subsidies are tightened. And how Ukrainians themselves perceive the quality of services provided in relation to their pay scale?

According to the study of the sociological group “Rating” more than 60% of citizens believe that the cost of such a resource as electricity does not meet its quality. In General, 70% of respondents are satisfied with the services themselves,but 28% are not satisfied. And, of course, the citizens are more satisfied, because the problems of power grids are more often faced by the inhabitants of rural areas.

At the same time, 20% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine is a completely energy-dependent country, half of the surveyed citizens consider the country partially dependent and only 20% think that the country is independent in all senses of the word. An indicative factor is the fact that every tenth person who took part in the survey could not answer this question. This once again demonstrates the lack of awareness of citizens in such a serious issue.

Of course, everyone has their own problems, and many citizens are enclosed in an endless ring – work-home-family. But our well-being depends on the economic situation in the country. And how it can be controlled and regulated, if you do not be aware of what is happening and do not form your own opinion on this issue!?


At the same time, if Ukrainians were given a real choice – lower tariffs, but less reliable energy supplier or higher cost of light, but with better services, 44% of the surveyed citizens would choose a more reliable electricity supplier. But 30% tend to lower tariffs, for 18% there is no difference and 9% could not decide. Expensive tariffs were preferred by residents of Western Ukraine and the Center, young and middle-aged people.

90% of Ukrainians are positive about renewable (“green” energy), 8% – neutral, 2% – negative, well, 3% have not yet decided. At the same time, 75% of respondents support the introduction of a “green tariff” for electricity producers from renewable sources, which will facilitate the transition of Ukraine to renewable energy sources, but 15% do not support, and by tradition, there are 10% of people who have not decided on their choice.

Despite such strong support from ordinary citizens-alternative energy, alas, in Ukraine is in its infancy. According to the data of the state energy Efficiency, the share of renewable energy is 5.8%, and in the electric power industry – 7.8%. And, after all not so long ago on Dnepropetrovsk “Yuzhmash” there was a shop of windmills, however today it is closed.


For comparison. In Germany, 95% of energy is provided from renewable sources, namely wind, sun and biomass. The country is ready to give up nuclear power and reduce coal.

The earth is now living in debt-using the resources of future generations, all this threatens an environmental catastrophe on a planetary scale. While European countries are looking for new methods of obtaining energy in all ways, Ukraine continues to spend natural resources mercilessly. Why, under all necessary conditions, alternative energy in Ukraine is in such a deplorable state? And, maybe this state of Affairs is simply beneficial to the oligarchs, in whose hands today are concentrated non-renewable energy sources? Everyone is able not to remain indifferent to such important issues, because our children live and build their future in Ukraine, and who will take care of them, if not us?!

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