16 million for 8 working days: people’s deputies received vacation!

16 million for 8 working days: people’s deputies received vacation!

While ordinary Ukrainians literally survive on the minimum pensions and salaries, shocked by the proposed government subsistence minimum, MPs get millions of vacation, having worked on the strength of a few days.

On July 13 the last plenary session of people’s deputies of the Supreme Council of Ukraine before vacation took place. Now the “servants of the people” on vacation,that’s just a well-deserved? This, of course, is a big question! But be that as it, may be, for their labors MPs received, as many as 16.3 million hryvnia! This information is available on the portal of the use of public funds.

The most interesting is that 15 million UAH. from the above amount were issued to officials and employees of Rada on hands.  At the same time, in July, the people’s deputies held only 8 plenary sessions! The ninth session of the Supreme Council of Ukraine VIII convocation will open in September.

In January, the people’s deputies received neither more nor less – 14 million hryvnia, and despite the fact that the meetings were held only from 16 to 19 January! Other working days were to be held in committees, commissions and factions.

Last October, the speaker of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy said that for absenteeism, with salaries of servants of the people were deducted fines of 3 million hryvnia! According to the speaker, now the issue of truancy is not so acute, however, despite this, in July there are 14 deputies who have never voted! And, salaries and vacation pay received for sure.


The speaker of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy

Just think, after all these millions are coming from the pockets of ordinary Ukrainians – our pockets! Is it worth feeding people who are so irresponsible about the fate of the Ukrainian people? And, after all, the only source of power in the country is the people!

In 2017, the salary Fund of people’s deputies made 548,4 million UAH, of which 416, 4 million hryvnia, and it went on the fees of MPs and 75.5 million UAH for incentive allowances and bonuses, 29.2 million hryvnias for financial assistance, I wonder, however, what kind of financial aid available, for the “poor” MPs? 27, 3 million hryvnias were spent on awards, and 2, 2 million more hryvnias on business trips across the country.

However, this is not all. In addition to salaries, Ukrainians pay the deputies as well the work of assistants, rental housing, travel, within the country, telephone, travel assistants, premises for the reception of voters in the districts, stationery and rental of meeting rooms!

You think it’s all expenses? There it was! And as the contents of the premises of the Supreme Council with an area of 75, 133 thousand sq. m.! Building on last year’s gone, attention – 110.7 million hryvnia, and for communal and about 40 million hryvnias! Well, the maintenance of the fleet of the Supreme Council cost 50 million hryvnia!

Legislative activity also comes at a price Ukrainians. So the creation of one law, according to estimates of 2017, is 423, 6 thousand hryvnia, and in fact more than a thousand projects are registered and hundreds of laws are approved!

Overall, as of 2017, the Parliament worked 4 388 employees. Of these, 423 deputies, 1692 assistant consultants, 1055 employees of the staff of the Supreme Council and 1218 employees of subordinate enterprises!

It is interesting that the European Parliament has 750 deputies, because they represent the entire European Union! The number of parliamentarians in different countries of the world is very different – from several tens to several thousand (in China 2,978 people). At the same time, 150-300 deputies are quite common practice for the staff of the Parliament.  For example, in Australia there are 224 deputies, in Austria – 247, in Belgium – 221, in Chile – 167, and in Switzerland 247.

In General, we see that 300 people’s deputies, this is quite an adequate number of MPs. The choice is for Ukrainians to contain more than 400 deputies who are not always conscientious about the duties assigned to them or to reduce their number. Everyone is able to be aware of what is happening in the country and monitor the activities of both parliamentarians and the government as a whole! This is the only way to achieve order and prosperity in the country!

Julia Gutshabes

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